Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi in Suriname, first visit 1954

Photograph below shows Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi being welcomed in Suriname by Shaikh Muhammad Jamal-ud-Din at the airport.

This photo is of his first visit when he arrived on 24 January 1954. (This can be seen by comparing this photo with the one below it from the Islamic Review of May 1954. The exact date of arrival is known from the report by Mr Jaggoe in Paigham Sulh, 3rd March 1954, p. 8. For that report, see this link.)

Arriving in Suriname, probably 1953

Photograph published in ‘The Islamic Review’, Woking, England, May 1954, p. 26, with caption

Outside the Himayatul Islam Mosque, 1954

(The flowers on the sides are on the picture frame and not part of the photo.)

The photo above is courtesy of Maurits S. Hassankhan, who supplied this website with its digitised version in 2016.

It is also published in his Dutch book on the history of the Himayatul Islam mosque (‘Gedenkboek Himayatul Islam, Welgedacht C, Suriname’). Below we show this photo from that book with list of names of those in the photo:

Below: Himayatul Islam mosque as it is now (photo taken on 27 September 2016)